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Top Doctors & Surgeons

We have been operating in Spokane for over 10 years, and over that time, have built one of the most trusted and equipped teams in all of Washington. Trust the top rated professionals for your next nose job surgery.

Top Lab Testing Department

When it comes to the fine details of your health, nothing is more important than having the equipment to analyze all parts of your upcoming surgery. Most offices send lab tests out to third party companies, but for Spokane Rhinoplasty, we do all test in-house.

Key Departments

We have doctors and team members from all walks of life on our team, which means more security for you. When it comes to your up and coming surgery, let multiple professionals cover key parts of your timeline to assure a smooth and safe procedure.

Our Advantages You have a number of reasons to choose Spokane Rhinoplasty!

Every year thousands of nose job surgeries are performed wrong or with small settle complications. Although these complications won’t hurt you, we believe all surgeries should be done right, the first time. That’s why Spokane Rhinoplasty takes pride in our recruiting process to assure that all our doctors are world-class and highly trained to make your experience that much better. All our doctors are:

  • Board Certified
  • Veterans in Their Field
  • Have World-Class Experience

Recovery Proccess Our medical specialists care about you & your family’s health.

Recovery from a nose job surgery is never fun, we won’t lie on that one but at the end of the day,   we want the experience to be smooth and successful. That’s why here at Spokane Rhinoplasty, we have a proprietary recovery process that assures your body gets all it needs to recover and successfully heal. Our technologies are second to none, and include:

  • Nutritional Based Recover Regimens
  • Specialized Recover Staff
  • Patented Recover Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rhinoplasty Surgery

How do I make an appointment?

You can give us a call or submit your contact information so what one of our doctors can get in contact with you to learn more about your specific needs.

How long does my first surgical appointments last?

Depending on the severity of the surgery, each appointment last about an hour. Of course these time can change depending on each patients needs.

How do I find out my Primary Care Provider?

You should be able to contact your health care company to obtain an contact number or website that show you who your primary health care provider is.

Where is your office located?

We have offices all across the state of Washington, but our main office is located North of Downtown Spokane.

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